But also I’m sad Emily doesn’t want to come back.

She’s irreplaceable

I’m not sure how I feel about Jennifer Love Hewitt just yet, I kinda feel like she’s trying to hard to fit in.

But we shall see.

Also hell yes Kerr Smith


the idea that if you like to twerk and shake your ass you can’t also be intelligent is so ridiculous!! like where did this idea even stem from? why do we always shame black people for doing hobbies associated with black culture? no one goes round telling white girls that if they like horses a little too much, good grades are suddenly out the window for them. so why do we shame black girls for having fun and being carefree? it’s so transparent tbh



Stewie Brings Smiles (This girl’s reaction killed me XD) 😹 by Thomas Sanders

This is you vine, this is how you make a video. Make people happy dont harass them.